Grover`s Books

  • A Rhythm That Only Queers Can Hear (Published)
  • Theme: Novel about Homophobia
  • One Shot In The South (Soon to be published)
  • Theme: Novel about Sexism, Racism and Homophobia
  • Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together (Published)
  • Travel Book about Tanzania and Mozambique
  • One Africa (Published)
  • Theme: Book of poems about African culture and civilization
  • The Blacker the Cheery, the Sweeter the Berry (Soon to Appear)
  • Theme: autobiographical about growing up it the south of America
  • Abena`s Shop (Soon to Appear)
  • Theme: Novel about Africans living in Europe: about survival and identity
  • Traveling in Ghana as a gay black man (Soon to Appear)
  • Theme:  A travel book about Ghana from the perspective of an African American gay man


 As one can see. I am at the moment working on several books at the same time. I really don`t know where I find the time to do it, but I am trying to find time to finished the above unpublished books.

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