Art Liberated Me

    My atelier is called "Black is the color of my true love". This is the title of a folk song. I paint on anything (paper, wood, canvas, cartons, etc.) with acrylic colors. My sculptures are of wood. My paintings usually depict blacks in the environment. I paint what I am! I love color and use it in my paintings to convey a message. People often tell me that my pictures are colorful, but they seldom consider the use of color to convey a message.....that of a lost paradise. Many of my images are taken from my past and background in the American South.....a Sunday picnic, fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, children playing games, friendship, etc. In the beginning my paintings were placartive, but have changed over time into more details and abstraction.  My sculptures are also colorful, emphasizing the form given by nature. I do not change the form of the wood, which I often find in the forest. It is the color and the form which is important. The color only accentuate the form.