About Me, Myself and I

I was born and raised in the American deep south....in a small town that was a racist, sexist, homophobic and class-oriented barbaric place. It was a place, where a bunch of mad white men and women lived, who believed that they were God`s gift to the world. They believed in one God, one religion, one nation, one tribe and one race. I thought as a child that I had landed in the wrong place and I realized at a very early age that some folks have a deficient idea of justice and fairness...believing that justice is meant only for themselves. Since my travels, I have come to realize that there are many such people and barbaric places in this world.

I live with my life`s partner in a small town in southern Germany. Life`s partner is the term, which is used in Germany for gay marriage. We live in a house on a hill in the vinyards outside of Stuttgart. It is God`s way of showing me that I am blessed....since I am loved and I am in love. I live also in a relatively peaceful, well to do place, where the people are not as trifling as those in my hometown were. But I have come to realize that one can find intolerance everywhere. My motivation is always: don`t allow injustices to go unchallenged and never allow others to try to rob you of your belief in your own worth!

The slave island of Goreé, Senegal

Me and Kofi at Wilhelma

My two men

Me and Hans:our first year together of 44 years

Me and Babatundi

Travelling in Madagascar, 2015